Stigmata – A dead rose wails for light – Pre Launch review

The Single artwork

The Single artwork



Well I have had the privilege among a few others to have heard Stigmatas killer new single titled “A dead rose wails for light” before its release. The stiggies will be releasing the single at their gig this Sunday. The first lucky few to arrive at Silent Night Chaos Night (To be held at The Underground, Taj Samudra) will receive a free copy of the Single and it will also be available for download on their myspace page ( after the 21st of December.

            I think that this is the tamest song out of all their new material and that really isn’t saying much. The song starts with Skin man Jackie giving a count from the sticks giving it kind of an old school feel. It then moves to a brutal yet melodic riff backed by killer double bass work and topped off by a long high shriek from Suresh all combining to create an extremely powerful and gripping intro.    

            I have said before that Suresh keeps getting better and better with his vocals and finally hearing him after ages on record proved without a doubt that I’m right. The verse is sung in a high Falsetto and the vocal melodies he uses are rather unconventional. For the Chorus he employs a mid range baritone type voice that creates a haunting feel and also a very powerful hook. He further goes on to use Low range growling techniques later in the song with some backing assistance provided by Bassist Javeen.

            The drum work is amazing. Jackson has really outdone himself this time. Fast and consistent double bass work as well as various little gimmicks here and there will definitely make people go wide eyed with awe. Well it did that to me anyway. The guitar playing by both axe grinders Andrew and Tenny are phenomenal. Tenny’s powerful and unorthodox rhythm riffs and Andrews face melting (and Soulful at the same time) lead solos made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The bass lines also are really interesting and an awesome job by Javeen on his recording debut with Stigmata

            The structure of the song although being much tamer than their other songs as I said before nevertheless will require a couple of listens to absorb properly. Lots of changes and transitions and stops. Quite an interesting listen and very very loud and powerful.

            Talking about the production, let me first say that I don’t know squat about EQs and tones and mixing and all of that, but judging by the earlier two albums I can safely say that this recording in terms of production is leagues and leagues ahead. Shobi Perera, Producer and bass player extrodinaire (who incidentally produced both of the earlier albums) has really outdone himself with this track in my opinion. The separation of the instruments is almost flawless. I could hear all the instruments crystal clear. The balance is brilliant and the overall volume will be soothing for any metalheads ears. Meaning its fucking loud. I cant really explain in detail about the feeling that this song strikes in me. It’s brutal, it’s trippy, it’s haunting, it’s melodic. Yeah it was all these things to me when I heard it. But these explanations won’t mean anything till you sit down and listen to it. Which you will be able to do after the 21st of this month.


An appropriate teaser before a full on metal assault. Good work Stigs. Awaiting with much anticipation for the entire album to be released.


Keep kicking ass till then

Peace, Love and Metal Baby




A Dead Rose Wails for Light – Lyrics By Suresh de Silva

Welcome now to my sickest delusion
I can’t decide; is this salvation or sacrifice?
We all run and we hide but the memories reminisce suicide
This bleeding soul is lost in an unmarked grave, wretched father time
I know that no martyred savior will ever come to save me from my plight

No more fear No more pain
No more faith to hold in ransom
No more fear No more shame
No more faith to hold in ransom

Candles burn on winter fields as roses bloom and chariots chase the light
Angels hover in mud and filth; some demons can never be exorcized
I’ve turned the other cheek to sycophants and fools too many times
The salt of the world never raped these eyes – walk on water to test the tide

No more fear  No more pain
No more faith to hold in ransom
No more fear No more rage
No more faith to hold in ransom

A Dead Rose Wails for Light
Blossomed, reincarnated, divine  
A Dead Rose Wails for Light
Walk on water to test the tide

Candles burn on winter fields as roses bloom and chariots chase the light
The salt of the world never raped these eyes – walk on water to test the tide

No more fear No more pain
No more faith to hold in ransom
No more fear No more hate
No more faith to hold in ransom


~ by rebelmaniac on December 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “Stigmata – A dead rose wails for light – Pre Launch review”

  1. I’ve been waiting for this album for so long……knowing the stigs they probably will raise the bar higher than they did with Silent Chaos Serpentine. Can’t wait to see how much Andrew and Suresh have improved. \m/

  2. are u freaking kidding me?? this shit sucks!! Suresh sounds like a sqweeking rat!!and the VOCALS SUCKS DONKEY BALLS!!! most of the guitar riffs sound like the silent chaos serpentine’s certain songs!! (heard a riff very similar to my malice which is also a Caliga ripoff) the quality of the track is so low and not mastered properly. the bass part on 4:18 sounds so horrible!! this shit is really disappointing. loved the old but hate the new!! think the stigz have lost it all!!

  3. I dont know where you’ve heard Rats squeaking but I’ve never heard rats squeaking like that Mr. Marlin…I dont care about your opinion…This is my review, this is what i think of the track…If you have such a big problem with it write your own review and say what you think…and dont say you cant be bothered to that coz u aint that jobless or whatever coz if u came here and took the time to write down what you wrote you should be able to do what i suggested…


  4. I can’t even believe that this is local skills! OMG Way to go dudes. This song is the BOMB!

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